About Me

I am Kate. I have been married for almost 11 years. My husband and I met at Institute, (a college-aged church group, for LDS students) in Lubbock, Texas. I went to Texas Tech University. I played volleyball, and graduated with a double major in Family & Consumer Sciences and Human Development & Family Studies, in 5 years. My favorite class was my sewing class. I then taught Career Studies to High School kids and Life Skills to Jr. high kids for a year and a half. I also coached varsity volleyball and drove the bus to a few games! I have two daughters, one was born during my first year of teaching, the other 2 and a half years later after we moved to Missouri. Now I stay home, doing various jobs, including helping my grandpa's, babysitting, volunteering at the school, coaching various sports teams my daughters play on and helping my famous cousin (Mandy) with her very famous craft blog! I also love to read and play with the kids. My husband and I like to dream of a bigger house, with more DIY projects. Our current home has no more projects. I have also started acquiring used furniture -from the curb, thrift stores or garage sales (I may have a problem!) and fixing it up to sell on craigslist.

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