Monday, September 24, 2012

What Kallie Wore

At church a few weeks ago my cousin gave Kallie this denim jacket. I thought it looked great with her dress so I convinced Kallie to let me curl her hair (it was just wavy) and take some pictures. She really doesn't like doing this. She was a good sport, and the whole event took less than an hour.

Dress-Homemade by Meemaa, Denim Jacket- Hand-me-down Cherokee
What a pretty girl!
This is her STOP TAKING PICTURES face!
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Egg Chair Redo

After seeing Young House Love's egg chair, I had to have one. I wandered into the local thrift store, and saw this guy. I knew I needed him, but alas, he was $35. BOOO! I told my husband about it, then, I started regretting it. I couldn't stop thinking about this chair, I HAD TO HAVE IT! Five days later I finally had a chance to go back to the thrift store, just to see if it was there, knowing I was going to buy it, and BAM! It was still there...waiting for ME! But, the $35 was still high, even though I knew it was going to a good cause(helping homeless people build a new life). I went back and forth for a few minutes, when a friend of mine saw me and told me that furniture was on sale that day! I quickly picked him up, and bought him for $22. WAHOOO! He also fit perfectly in the Vibe:). I took him home and sanded him down, then primed him before my husband could accuse me of having too many projects...or spending too much money.
A few days later he was sprayed Krylon Watermelon. I let him air out while making pillows out of fabric I already had on hand.
Total cost: $22 chair, $5 spray paint (of course Walmart was out of my color so I had to buy it at Michael's, only it was on sale, so I couldn't even use a coupon!), $5 fiber fill for the pillows
I had primer, half a can of spray paint and the fabric on hand

Here he is in his home, a cozy reading chair under the Eiffel Tower(s) in Addie's room.