Monday, July 23, 2012

DIY Olympic Shirt


I really liked this Old Navy shirt, but these things never fit me right. I decided to buy my own shirt, and knock it off!

1.I used contact paper as a stencil. I had my husband help me draw the design

2.He also wanted to cut it...I was going to use scissors, but he grabbed the cutting board and the Xacto knife

3.It took both of us to stick it down, and to make sure it was evenly spaced.

4. I painted the red and blue, let that dry a few hours, then added the white. A few hours later, I removed the contact paper.

The next morning, I realized that all the "making sure it was evenly spaced" was time wasted when the design was a little crooked! You don't really notice it.

I feel like it is a work in progress. I would like the paint to fade a little more. Hopefully washing it will help, or I might take some sand paper to it!


Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts said...

now I need to make myself one!

Anonymous said...

There are lots of people wearing patriotic shirts around East London at the moment. I feel like I should make something to wear on my commute too! Hmm... :)

Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts said...

Thanks for linking to TAke-A-Look Tuesday over at Sugar Bee Crafts - you were featured today!