Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SNAP: my point of view

I enjoyed going to SNAP with Mandy. I had a different perspective. I went to SNAP not being a "blogger", I have a two blogs a family one and a project one, , but was not really trying to grow it  into a huge, moneymaking thing. I enjoy crafting a projects. I also have a dslr camera that I am learning to use. I thought the weekend would be a fun getaway to learn some new things and meet new people, while hanging out with my sister like cousin.
 I learned a lot, and there are some things I wish I had know going into it.Here are my bullet points.

Things I would do different:
  • Wear tall shoes! Everyone was tall, and I am tall. I felt short.
  • Make cards. I realized it didn't matter how small your blog was, people were there to promote themselves, and even it I wasn't, I felt weird taking cards and not handing one back. I even took some of Mandy's cards to pass out when we were in different classes.
  • Brush up on my blog following. I used to look at blogs a lot. Not so much anymore. It kind of goes in waves for me, so lately I have been reading. It would have been nice to "know" more bloggers from their blogs.
  • Blog a little more before going. It had been awhile, so just brushing up on my blogging skills would have been nice.
  • Venture out to more party planning classes. That is an area I need to improve on!
  • Get a smart phone. Everyone had one. I only heard one other person say they did NOT have one.
Things I loved:
  • Learning more about my DSLR camera. I feel like I gained lots of knowledge and actually got to put it to use!
  • Seeing all the different bloggers and what outfits they put together. I knew dressing was a big part of this conference!
  • The speakers. I liked every class I went to, with the exception of one (that was my fault for not having a laptop) and learned something new.
  • It was nice that the food was provided on site. This gave us an opportunity to take the classes over lunch.
  • Going to IKEA. Yep, I had never been before. It was overwhelming.
  • The Lion Brand Yarn Party. I was dead tired and half sick that night, but since being home, I have taught my daughter how to crochet, and can now do more than just the chain stitch!
  • Meeting someone who had served ther mission in my ward 6 years ago! Small world...
The whole thing seemed overwhelming at the time, especially since it fell between a 5 day visit from in-laws and siblings, with a funeral thrown in when I got home, but looking back, I would go again. I think the very best thing I learned was the theme for the whole conference, Just BE YOU. Whatever the presenters/speakers would talk about- photography, home decor, handmade items, sewing, painting crafts, they all brought it back to being true to yourself. If you don't love what you are doing, it will not motivate others or be fun for you. It made me want to be the best I can in everything I do!

At times, I felt like I was at girls camp, with all the women, laughing and crying (yes! crying about blogging)crafting and the food. Fun!

I didn't take too many pictures, but here is one Mandy took of me at out early morning light photography class. I did buy a new purse for the trip! It can hold my camera, and still have room for everything else. 
Thanks to Mandy for letting me come on this trip with her!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Origami Crane Mobile

I have always wanted to learn how to make origami cranes. I mentioned this to my nine year old daughter, and she was excited. I got some paper from Michaels, and she checked out a book from the library, and we began. It was fun, and a great way to spend the evening, gathered around the table, folding paper and listening to music. I made a small mobile for Valentine's day,using different shades of pink. Mandy gave me the idea to use rainbow colors. I got a little carried away, and had folded almost 30 cranes (it took over two hours, and caused me to get sucked in to the show SMASH) then only ended up using 20. I also used differed sized paper, to mix things up a bit.
Once I had the cranes folded, I used a tack to poke a hole in them, then used thread to hang them from an embroidery hoop. After I figured out the spacing, I used some hot glue to hold the into place. Then I wrapped the hoop in yarn, using dots of hot glue as I wrapped. It was a hard process, holding the hoop with my chin, wrapping yarn and trying not to tangle the birds (it took about an 2 hours to finish, while watching an old netflix movie). Next time I would wrap the hoop first, then tie on the cranes!
It now hangs in my youngest daughter's room.

I love how it turned out!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Eiffel Tower Name

My 6 year old loves the Eiffel Tower. My husband was wanting to do a project, and came up with this. He used a dremel tool and jigsaw to make this for her. She loves it!