Friday, November 18, 2011

Styrofoam Picture Puzzle

 Thanks for all the votes! Wow! Round 3!
 So Styrofoam had endless possibilities...but I looked all around at craft stores, Wal-Mart, then ended up at Lowe's, where I found this giant 4'X8' sheet of Styrofoam. I have always wanted some big wall art, and I love to take pictures, so I combined the two. I had Office Depot print off a black and white engineering copy as big as they could.  My husband (using a jig saw) helped me cut puzzle pieces out of cardboard, then we traced them onto the Styrofoam. Next, using the jig saw again, we cut the Styrofoam (fyi- it was soooo much easier than cutting the cardboard), then traced the pieces onto the picture. We cut the picture out. Finally, using spray glue, we glued the pictures onto the Styrofoam.

The final picture is 4ft X 3ft. I used some blue Ticky-tack to hold it up, along with a few tacks! 
I love the final result! The styrofoam was superlight, and easy to work with. I would use it again for other projects.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Gold to Grey Painted Chair

Thanks for all the votes! I won the second round!! The pressure is on for the next round!

This was a hard week for me. DecoArt has some great products, and I love paint! It was hard to decide, but after I found this great (but ugly) chair at the thrift store, I decided to paint it. I decided to use fabric paint, but could not find any locally. Then I saw the Fabric Medium by Americana, a DecoArt Brand. I thought I would use it with some latex paint, and Voila`! The chair was painted. And it is not crunchy!

I wanted a little accent, and we have a dark grey couch, so I made a slip cover for the seat cushion. I finished the edges with piping, and added some quilt batting for softness. 
Now, it's a great chair to lounge in and read a my model!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Red Desk Redo

When I heard this weeks challenge was Krylon spray paint, I knew exactly what I was going to do. I had found this desk at a garage sale and knew I wanted to use "Banner Red" to paint it.  I had to first prime this piece, so I chose Krylon's Ruddy Brown Primer. I had 2 other brands of half used rusty-colored primer, and the Krylon was by far the easiest to use. I love the 360 nozzle and  it is very finger friendly! 
  I had bought the fabric (Amy Butler Lotus) to use as pillows in her room, but wasn't committed to that project. I knew the side drawers would look great in contrast to the desk color. I used Modge Podge to put
the fabric on. 
 My husband helped polish up the brass pulls, and I painted the groves with some gold glaze. The lamp, chair and Statue of Liberty book ends were all thrift store purchases. The print says "I love NY".
My daughter loves her new desk!