Saturday, October 22, 2011


Bet you wonder what happened to me...well, I spent most of this week at the sewing machine, working on Halloween costumes. I made a trip to JoAnn's- and a couple of thrift stores...I am involved in this contest, Mandy and I had two large group photo shoots (today-Saturday), a church Halloween Party tonight-and if that all is not enough, I am in charge of the Primary Program...oh well, this room was cleaned-spotless- Wednesday, Halloween has taken over this corner of the room, along with school papers, and randomness...oh, and our house is still on the market. we are living life on the edge. we could have a showing at any moment!
Real Life...

I am sewing a Taylor Swift dress and new scrub bottoms. Oh, and a guitar strap, 3 faux fur shrugs and a skirt.

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Shannon said...

I like when other's moments like this are shared...makes me feel a little more normal! Can't wait to see the Taylor Swift Dress!