Monday, October 10, 2011

Amy Butler Fringed Hobo

I made the Amy Butler Fringed Hobo small bag. I was not a fan of the fringe, so I used piping. The outside fabric (I thinkt) is Michael Miller and the inside fabric is from Hobby Lobby. This bag was definitely an advanced project. This was the first Amy Butler pattern I had used, and I found some of the directions a little hard to follow. I normally sew with patterns, so I was able to figure it out. Did anyone else have problems with the top stitching around the outside? I thought this was the hardest part of the whole bag! Mine was very thick, with all the piping and seams coming together. I redid it several times, and it still needs help!  I also used the fleece interfacing on the outside flower material, and a very stiff interfacing on the inside Hobby Lobby fabric. The stiff interfacing was a bad choice, and made things very difficult.

Overall, I love how the bag came out, I love the size. I divided my pockets into thirds, which makes things very easy to organize. I also added a magnetic clasp and a key hook, which I love! No more searching for keys! I don't think I would make another one of these particular bags, but I will try a different pattern in the future!

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Bree said...

Looks great! I really like the fabrics you used.