Sunday, August 28, 2011

Halloween 2009

This year we went all out for Halloween. Kallie agreed to be Texas Tech volleyball player, if she could take her light saber to the church party(she couldn't show up unarmed!). Michael painted her name, number and the double T on her shirt. He did a great job! I am amazed! He printed off a double T and just looked at it! For the name he used a small stencil on the black part, but free handed the white outline. He made the numbers and traced them.

Addie finally decided to be Taylor Swift from the "Our Song" video.She was going back and forth between "Tim McGraw", "Love Story" and "Pictures to Burn". I made her skirt and top. It took 2 hours to do the top, only to be too small! But I adjusted it, and it looks great on! She has been wearing the skirt the last 2 weeks, and the top for a week. Michael painted her guitar black and put the sparkle on it. It looks great in the light. I'm sure we will have better pictures this week! It's only a preview...

Here's the real question...which costume cost more, Texas Tech volleyball player, or Taylor Swift???

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